Welcome to PMT YOGA. I'm Paul, a British Wheel of Yoga teacher. I teach Hatha and Vinyasa flow style of yoga to men and women in Rugby, Coventry and the surrounding area. My classes are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. I began practicing yoga for health benefits, but soon realised it's more than just a physical experience. It's helped me physically, mentally and spiritually as a holistic health system. 

I believe that yoga can help with everyday problems caused by 21st century life including sitting in front of a computer, television or in a car.

I specialise in one to one sessions and Yoga for Men as I feel that men need yoga for many reasons, particularly to relieve the stress of everyday living and help with sport . I also teach Yoga for Backs as well as general classes

If you feel a 1-1 session would be more appropriate for you, please have a look at the quotes below, from some of my 1-1 clients!  


 Yoga can help:

  • increase strength, stamina and suppleness

  • increase lung capacity and breath awareness

  • you to relax and decreases sleep disorders

  • reduce stress and bring about a sense of well being

  • you to lose weight and increase your body awareness


I have enlisted Paul expertise on a 1-1 basis to help me prepare for a endurance event this summer.
Following a 6 month period travelling on long haul flights and carrying heavy rucksacks teamed with racing, training and a desk based job my thoracic spine had locked up causing significant neck and shoulder pain which was affecting my swim, bike, run training performance.
Paul’s 1-1 sessions have been researched and planned meticulously achieving a significant difference in my back mobility and neck and shoulder pain within just three sessions.
As an athlete investing time in restorative yoga when training upto 20 hours a week in preparation for a endurance race or event can be a stretch, but I would highly recommend finding the time and booking 1-1 sessions with Paul, who will tailor sessions to your own requirements.
Lisa Melvin Triathlete/Endurance Athlete
We have been attending yoga classes on a two to one basis for over two years. Paul is an amazing teacher, patient and knowledgable. In our classes Paul made yoga fit us, taking into account any physical restrictions we may have. The benefits of these classes have been tremendous .
Irene and Jeanette