Every week we'll work on developing awareness of the breath and good breathing habits, working to create a calm mind and a healthy body. I offer my classes in Rugby, Coventry and the surrounding area. We'll use the breath to lead ourselves in and out of yoga postures (asanas) increasing flexibility and strength as well as toning the body, leaving it energised and free from stress.

A typical class will include…

  • breath awareness
  • preparing for posture work by mobilising joints and warming up muscles
  • progressive yoga postures, using modifications to suit all levels of ability – you work at your own level
  • winding down to a deep relaxation
  • closing practice of Pranayama (yogic breathing) or meditation

Yoga is not competitive and you'll not be asked to do anything that causes strain or injury to the body. All posture work can be modified to make it exactly right for you. Effort is involved and you will feel the physical work in your muscles, but you should not feel pain. Your teacher will ensure that everything is safe.

Practical stuff

  1. Avoid eating a heavy meal two hours before the class. You may have a light snack 30 minutes before the start.
  2. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  3. the class will be practiced in bare feet: socks can be worn at the beginning and end of the class if you want to.
  4. Bring water with you and drink plenty after the class.
  5. If you have a mat, please bring it with you. I have some to lend and to purchase if you want to.
  6. Please switch mobile phones off as they will distract other students.
Paul, just to say yoga was particularly fab tonight. I loved how slow and mindful it was. I had the best nights sleep, and my lower back pain has gone. And the end relaxation was just fantastic – I love the bells! Thank you
— CS
Attended a lovely yoga class with Paul tonight. It was busy but Paul still managed to spend time with a young lady with cerebral palsy to make sure she enjoyed it, quietly, without any fuss. At the end she told Paul that she really enjoyed it and he made the class accessible. It was great for the rest of us too. Excellent work :)
— AH
Ahh it was a lovely class, just what I needed. You should be very proud, you’re a great teacher:)
— DR