Men often tell me that they can’t do Yoga because the classes are full of very flexible women, standing on their heads or in poses they could never accomplish. There's a need for mens yoga classes and  it's one of the reasons I started my teacher training diploma. Lots of men tell me that they're not very flexible or feel silly practising these moves. So I've developed a practice especially for men that will increase flexibility, strength and stamina and over weeks will build a strong Yoga practice that will help you in  everyday activities including sports that you may already do.

Yoga can be used for all your health needs and also will help with any back problems you might have. It reduces stress, increases energy, improves sleep, increases lung capacity and brings about an increased sense of well being.

Yoga can help with any personal stress, men are finding that the 21st century is a very stressful experience with work, home life, looking after the children, money – it all helps to make life very complicated. Yoga for Men can help as it helps you focus in a practical way., You'll find that you can concentrate better and your problem solving skills become finely tuned. Still unsure whether it’s for you? Check out this Telegraph article “Do real men do yoga?”

This is a valuable 90 minutes on Sunday morning for me to balance my week and I’d recommend it to any man whose life is spent busy with a family, job, other commitments or just their thoughts. Paul develops each class with men in mind and the content feels really natural to me. I leave the class calm and relaxed. Oh and no one wears pink lycra!
— TB

Thank you to Yoga Sport Science