This weeks Quote

Good morning he is this weeks quote. From the wonderful book The Yoga Tradition by Georg Feuerstein. He has translated this excerpt from the.  

Katha –Upanishad

4th or 1000 BC

Know the self is the charioteer and the body is the chariot. Know further that the wisdom faculty is the driver, where as the mind is the reins.

The senses, they say, are the horses, and the sense objects are the pasture.

He whose mind is constantly unyoked, lacking in understanding- his senses are uncontrollable like the unruly horses of a driver.

But he whose mind is always yoked – his senses are controllable like the obedient horses of a driver.

 And he who is devoid of understanding mindless and always impure, he never attains that lofty goal, but move around in the cycle (repeated births and deaths)

But he who understands, always with a pure mind, verily reaches that goal whence one is not born again.

The man who has understanding as his driver, with the mind as his (well controlled) reins, he reaches the end of the journey.


The Yoga Tradition Georg Feuerstein.